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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Notes

We had loads of fun here last week, all dressed up for Halloween. There were snacks, costumes, and lots of people. I am so glad everyone was able to have a fun time, in out of the cold and wet.

We did have a couple concerns:
Please remember not to bring snacks that have nuts, for the safety of our kids and members with allergies.
Also, if parking is hard to right in front, there is also parking in the lot down the gravel drive across from our building, and usually plenty of space on the street in front of Newberg Friends Church. Jus please remember not to park in the driveway in front of Indoor Park, as it can block people in and obstruct the sidewalk.

Thanks again to everyone for a great Halloween! Remember to vote today, and we hope to see you at NIP soon!

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