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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Children up to age 5 are now welcome at Indoor Park!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! 😊 There has been a call for more indoor play options in Newberg. Newberg Indoor Park is pleased to announce that the age range for children welcome at indoor park has expanded to ages 0 to 5! Please help spread the word! Family memberships for the year are $45 and the drop-in fee is $5. The gym where we meet is on the corner of College and 2nd Street in Newberg.
Why the change? Newberg Indoor Park was established over 30 years ago. A lot has changed in family dynamics over the years and an age range of 0-5 will better fit the needs of our current community. Having older children join indoor park and not just during set up before mom or dad takes them to preschool will be great! There will still be the special gated area for babies if parents prefer and big wheel toys and balls will stay on one side of the gym.


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