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Board Member Duties

What do board members do?


  • Oversees running of Indoor Park
  • Responsible for marketing and publicity
  • Addresses member concerns and issues
  • Communicates with Newberg Friends Church

Vice President:

  • Oversees toy purchases and repair
  • Coordinates events
  • Maintains website
  • Communicates with Newberg Friends Church
  • Responsible for marketing and publicity


  • Keep Facebook updated with current news and events
  • Organization and editing of Google Docs
  • Records meeting minutes
  • Maintains monthly agenda


  • Maintains financial records
  • Maintains checking account
  • Maintains bulletin board

Membership Coordinator:

  • Maintains opening/closing schedule
  • Reminds members of their duties
  • Maintains membership written records

ALL Board Members:

  • Participate in toy cleaning
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Fill in for opening and closing as needed (usually that is only the first week or two of each semester in September and in January)


  • Auction
  • Christmas/Easter/Valentine's parties
  • Old Fashioned Festival & Children’s Parade
  • Flyer/Handout distribution
  • December Bazaar

Note: Board members do not pay any yearly fees for Indoor Park

Updated August 2012

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