New to Indoor Park? Check out the How NIP Works page to find out what we're about!

How NIP Works

When: Tuesdays 9:00-11:00am
Who: Ages 0-3
Where: Newberg Friends Center, C.S. Lewis High School Gym, 708 E. 2nd Street Newberg OR 97132

Who We Are

Newberg Indoor Park has served the families of Newberg and the surrounding community for over 25 years.  We are a cooperative and it works!  Each member pays dues, $45 for a full year membership or $25 for a half-year membership.  These dues go toward paying rent for the building, new toys and general supplies.  Members make it happen by fulfilling opening and closing duties and by watching their own children.

Refund Policy

NIP dues go directly towards the cost of paying rent on the building and cannot be refunded.


Your first visit to NIP is always free. If you decide not to become a member, you can visit NIP any Tuesday for a $5 fee.

Indoor Park Closures

NIP operates on the C.S. Lewis/ Newberg school calendar.  When school is closed for a holiday or bad weather, NIP will also be closed.

Membership Information

NIP membership is for the entire family of up to three participating children, not individual members.  One parent can bring no more than three children per visit.  It is possible to bring children on a regular basis that are not part of your family.  Please talk to a board member for details.  Partial scholarships are available.
Each member must help open or close two times per month.  If unable to open or close on a scheduled date, the member is responsible for finding a replacement.  A call list with the names and phone numbers of other members will be provided.  Any further questions regarding the schedule should be directed to the membership coordinator.

  1. Each parent is responsible for the behavior and safety of his/her own child:
    • All play is to be supervised.
    • Children are not to abuse other children.
    • Toys are to be used only as they were designed.
    • Ball throwing should be closely supervised.
    • Vehicle riding is limited to specified areas.
  2. Snack food in entrance area only.
  3. No Smoking.
  4. Play is limited to play area only.
  5. School equipment is off limits.
  6. Bathroom use should be supervised.
  7. Report injuries requiring medical attention to a board member.


Snacks and beverages must be confined to the tables in the entrance area.  Please avoid snacks containing peanuts or peanut butter, as some children have severe allergies to these foods.

Bathroom Use

Please supervise your children when using the bathroom. A changing area has been provided.  Please put something under your child when using the changing pad. Take soiled diapers outside to the dumpster. Please encourage hand washing!

Sick Children/Adults

Please do not bring sick children or parents to NIP, even if you are scheduled to open or close.

Opening and Closing Procedures

Opening -Takes Place at 8:30am
  • The first member to arrive should obtain the key to the gym from the C.S. Lewis school office.  The office is located downstairs on the College St. side of the building.
  • Open toy supply closet and then hang the key on the bulletin board in the entrance area.
  • Put the sign-in book by the entrance.
  • Make coffee with supplies provided.
  • Hang banner on the front door and place sidewalk sign out in the front of the building on the sidewalk leading to the entrance.
  • Put out all toys, mats, gates, chairs and supplies.
  • Place step stool by the drinking fountain and in the bathrooms.  Place changing pads in the bathrooms.
  • Check for damaged toys and notify the Vice President of any needed repairs.
  • Check electrical outlets.  Be sure plugs are in place.

Closing-Takes Place at 11:00am
  • Return all toys, mats, gates, chairs and supplies to the toy storage room.
  • Return banner, sidewalk sign, step stools and changing pads to the toy storage room.
  • Clean coffee pot/empty filter.
  • Return sign-in book to the toy storage room.
  • Vacuum as needed.
  • Lock toy storage room door.
  • Turn out lights and lock the entrance.
  • Return keys to C.S. Lewis school office.
  • Please stay until all duties have been completed.


  • Please sign in at each session.
  • Please arrive for opening duties at 8:30am.
  • Please stay for closing duties until all tasks have been completed.