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NIP Bylaws

Newberg Indoor Park was formed by parents who felt the need for an indoor play facility for children from birth through age three. Indoor Park provides a safe, dry play area during many rainy Oregon days. Indoor Park gives children a large running and playing area complete with slides, tricycles, rocking horses, and many smaller toys for babies and toddlers. Newberg Indoor Park provides a great place for parents to meet and enjoy each other with coffee and lively conversation. Children are allowed to experience playing and sharing with others at a young age in a positive environment.
Newberg Indoor Park is open Tuesdays from 9am-11am. It is held at the Newberg Friends Center, 708 E. 2nd St. (corner of 2nd and College St.) When the Newberg public schools are closed for weather and holidays, Indoor Park will also be closed. Indoor Park also closes for state holidays.
Newberg Indoor Park is a Cooperative organization where each parent stays and supervises their own children and participates actively in running the organization. Parents must take full responsibility for their own children and see that they obey the Code of Conduct. They are also required to assume opening or closing duties twice per month.
It is important to know and follow the Newberg Indoor Park Code of Conduct.
They are as follows:
  1. Be respectful to all.
  2. Any behavior that places individuals in danger constitutes grounds for immediate removal from the activity.
  3. Each parent is responsible for the behavior and safety of his/her own child.
    1. All play is supervised. An adult must supervise children attending Newberg Indoor Park at all times. If you leave the gym area for any reason (i.e. to take a child to the rest room), you must take the other children in your care or ask another adult to supervise them in your absence.
    2. Children are not to abuse other children. You are responsible for the behavior of all the children you bring. Children are not allowed to hit, kick or harm others present. You will be responsible for disciplining your children when necessary. You may be asked to leave or remove your children from the play area if they become disruptive.
    3. Toys are to be used only for the purpose for which they are designed. Do not throw toys not intended for throwing. All ball play should be closely supervised.
    4. Vehicle riding should only be done in the specified area.
  4. Church equipment is off limits. Respect all school and/or church property.
  5. Keep snacks in entrance area only. Dispose of all garbage in wastebaskets. For the safety of our children, please be allergy aware and bring no tree nuts or peanuts onto the Newberg Indoor Park premises.
  6. Please utilize our designated changing stations in the bathrooms for changing diapers. Soiled diapers should be disposed of in the dumpster outside.
  7. No smoking.
  8. Play is limited to the play area only.
  9. Please do not bring playthings from home. Toys for non-mobile infants are acceptable.
  10. Bathroom use must be supervised. Please encourage hand washing.
  11. Report injuries requiring medical attention to a board member.
  12. Please do not bring sick children to Indoor Park. No child or adult with a communicable disease (i.e. fever, chicken pox, pink eye, etc.) should attend Newberg Indoor Park. If a child or adult contracts a contagious disease after having visited Newberg Indoor Park, the parent must inform a board member immediately so that families exposed can be notified. Sign in every visit for this reason.
  13. Older Children - If a situation arises where a member has a need to bring a child that is too old to attend Indoor Park, permission may be obtained from a board member to attend one indoor park session on a case-by-case basis.
Registration and Membership Information
Eligibility for membership:
  1. Membership is open to all families with children meeting the age requirements below without regard to race, religion, creed, or national origin.
  2. A child is eligible for membership if he/she is three years or younger on September 1st of the new year. The membership is for the entire family of up to three participating children, not individual members. One parent can bring no more than three children per time.
  3. Membership limitations: It is necessary to limit our active membership to fifty families due to space limitations. After the first families have joined, a waiting list will be maintained.
Responsibilities of membership:
  1. Newberg Indoor Park is a cooperative organization that places responsibility on every member to pay annual dues of $45.00 or semi-annual dues of $25.00. Dues are payable at registration.
    1. First Semester - September through January
    2. Second Semester - February through June
  2. Each member must:
    1. Perform opening or closing duties, including one toy cleaning session per month. If unable to open or close on a scheduled date, the member is responsible for obtaining a replacement by trading opening or closing duties with another member. As a last resort, the member may contact the Membership Coordinator for assistance in finding a replacement. The Membership Coordinator should be notified of any trades. Failure to perform opening or closing duties on two occasions will result in a suspension of membership.
    2. Bring only children who are eligible members of the co-op. If a member is an employed babysitter on Indoor Park days and wishes to bring his/her own children and the babysat child(ren), the parents of the babysat child(ren) must join Indoor Park and pay the registration fee, but do not have to sign up for opening or closing duties. No parent may bring more than three children at one time.
    3. Take responsibility for his/her own children and to see that code of conduct is followed.
    4. Take responsibility for the safety of Newberg Friends Center building and Newberg Indoor Park equipment by never leaving the building unattended.
    5. Fulfill any other duties to keep Newberg Indoor Park running smoothly.
  3. Newberg Indoor Park is co-sponsored by Newberg Friends Church and Newberg Indoor Park members. Ownership of all property and equipment acquired by Newberg Indoor Park shall reside solely with Newberg Friends Church. Neither the board of directors or parent members shall retain any interest or ownership in the property or equipment.
Visitor Policy:
First time visitors are welcome anytime. First visit is free, but visitor must complete a signed waiver. Returning visitors may visit only on designated visitor days (the first Tuesday of each month) for a $5.00 fee. Holiday parties are open to all and free of charge.
Composition of the Board of Directors:
Each person on the board of directors contributes to the operation of Newberg Indoor Park. As a whole, the board meets to discuss Indoor Park business and make decisions regarding rules and events.
President: Oversees running of Newberg Indoor Park and is responsible for marketing and publicity.
(Church Liaison: Appointed by the Newberg Friends Church and serves as a go-between the Newberg Friends Church and the Indoor Park Board of Directors. May be the President.)
Vice President: Oversees toy purchases and repairs. Coordinates events.
Secretary: Maintains membership, written records, and writes newsletter.
Treasurer: Maintains financial records and checking account.
Membership Coordinator: Maintains opening and closing schedule and reminds members of their duties.
Technology Coordinator: Maintains website and Facebook page.

Posting Advertisements:
Members are permitted to post advertisements on the Newberg Indoor Park bulletin board.  Please obtain prior approval from a member of the board.
Opening and Closing Procedures
Opening Begins at 8:30am
  1. The first member to arrive should obtain the key from the C.S. Lewis school office. This office is downstairs on the College St. side of the building. Please open the building and toy storage closet by 8:30 am. Hang key on bulletin board.
  2. Turn on lights. Hang welcome banner on front door and place sidewalk signs out in front of building leading to entrance.
  3. Put the sign-in book and name tag supplies by the entrance.
  4. Sign in. Put on nametags.
  5. Place gates to block gym entrances without doors. Set out step stools by drinking fountain and in bathrooms. Put changing pads in bathrooms.
  6. Put out all toys and equipment according to plan posted on bulletin board and in toy storage closet. Check for damaged or broken toys and notify Vice President ASAP.
  7. Set up cones and chairs to divide the room into the specified riding and playing areas. Chairs are located in the closets on the opposite side of the gym as the toy storage closet.
  8. Check electrical plugs for safety plugs- extra plugs are in the toy storage closet supply box.
  9. Make coffee with supplies provided.
Closing From 11:00am- 11:30am
  1. Sign-in as a closer and return book and nametag supplies to toy storage closet.
  2. Clean out coffee maker and return to storage closet.
  3. Return chairs to closet.
  4. Return all toys and equipment to the storage closet according to posted plan. Check for damaged or broken toys and notify Vice President ASAP.
  5. Return sidewalk signs, welcome banner, step stools, changing pads, and gates to toy storage closet.
  6. Vacuum where necessary, especially snack area.
  7. Lock toy storage closet door.
  8. Turn out lights, lock entrance, and return key to the C.S. Lewis school office.

Revised September 2009